Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC–CNS)

BSC–CNS is the Spanish National Supercomputing Center. The mission of the BSC-CNS is to  research, develop, and manage information technologies in order to facilitate scientific progress. The BSC-CNS strives not only to become a first-class research center in supercomputing, but also in scientific fields that demand high performance computing resources such as the Life and Earth Sciences. Following this approach, the BSC-CNS has brought together a critical mass of top- notch researchers, high performance computing experts and cutting-edge supercomputing technologies in order to foster multidisciplinary scientific collaboration and innovation. 

BSC will contribute in the project bringing its experience around frameworks for the execution of scientific applications in distributed environments. In particular BSC leads activities for the provision of a layer that abstracts the applications from the underlying computing and data infrastructure in such a way that applications only need to focus in the actual algorithm and logic of the application.
These developments will be supported by coordination activities to address interoperability in the implementation of the interfaces of the EUBra-BIGSEAplatform components. BSC will bring its experience in standards implementation for distributed infrastructures thanks to the links with standards organizations and the active participation supporting interoperability.

Thanks to the participation in the EUBra-BIGSEA initiative, BSC will extend the integration of the COMPSs programming model with a variety of frameworks for data analytics applications developed in the project. BSC is now involved in several initiatives focused on Big Data, offering COMPSs as high-level tool that hides the complexity of the specific data operators.